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Parish fights back on lifts

Following the revelation that Network Rail will not be providing the promised lifts at Barnt Green railway station in the near future, parish councillors have been discussing their next move.

Speeding plea down ‘black hole’ lane

A Blackwell resident who describes a village lane as “the Black Hole of Calcutta” is campaigning for speed restrictions in the hope of preventing a serious accident.

End of yellow brick road

Network Rail has confirmed that it intends to close Blackwell’s “yellow brick road” railway crossing permanently and replace it with a diversion, despite opposition from residents and parish councillors.

‘We’re not in Redditch’

Voters in Alvechurch, Barnt Green and Cofton Hackett would find themselves electing the MP for Redditch if new proposals are introduced.

Parking fears in school expansion

Barnt Green parish councillors have discussed submitting an official response to the proposed expansion of St Andrew’s First School.

Thriller based on true mystery

A bizarre-but-true mystery has provided the inspiration for a villager’s debut novel.

All action for village film-making projects

A new short film made in the Village area will tell the story of Midland hero “Blind Dave” Heeley and how he came to run around the world.

Keeping tradition alive

A village Morris dancing side is looking for new blood as the group heads towards its 30th anniversary. 

Villagers asked for land use ideas

The new owner of the former vet’s building on Birmingham Road, Alvechurch, has asked villagers for suggestions of uses for the land to the rear.

Second defibrillator for village

Barnt Green parish councillors agreed to contribute £200 towards the cost of a defibrillator at the village’s social club.

Railing danger

Loose railings on Swan Street (right) close to the centre of Alvechurch are to be investigated after warnings from residents that they have become dangerous.

Lickey on alert after burglaries

Lickey & Blackwell Parish Council is reminding villagers to keep their homes, sheds and vehicles secure, after October’s crime figures from Lickey were released by the police.

Villages light up

The final details of Alvechurch’s Christmas event on December 1 have been released.

Christmas church services

Lickey and Blackwell’s churches are encouraging people to come along to their special Christmas services.

Simply Fresh plan setback

Plans for an “upmarket” grocery store in Alvechurch have been sent back to the drawing board after they were deemed inappropriate for a listed building.

Wassail Walk update

Meet at 3pm on Wednesday December 27 in Millennium Park for the free Barnt Green Wassail Walk to a local orchard.

Local history in full colour

The 2017 edition of The Bromsgrove Rousler has been published by the Bromsgrove Society, in full colour for the first time.

Lounge ideas wanted

Trustees of the local charity that runs The Lounge community café and youth project in Alvechurch are asking residents and those in the surrounding villages to take part in a community survey.

Susie meets Vinny!

Susie Elias-Jones, of Weatheroak, Alvechurch, was the latest winner of a Mini Vinny in our monthly competition.

Musical talent

Alvechurch Community Choir entertained at the third annual Gala Concert hosted by Alvechurch Baptist Church.

Scout groups seek helpers

Scout groups in and around Bromsgrove are seeking volunteers to ensure young people can experience the fun and adventure of Scouting.

Pumpkins on parade

Alvechurch’s first Pumpkin Festival was a great success, with more than 100 diverse exhibits grown, carved or made by creative villagers.

Chance to try rugby

Kings Norton RFC held its Annual All Girls Primary School Tag Rugby Festival at the Hopwood Park facility, with a total of 10 teams involved.

It’s the Spook-alls!

Sarah Rees reports from the Oakalls and Parklands.

Mini monsters on village trail

More than 50 houses in Barnt Green took part in a Halloween Friendly Trail, helping to raise more than £300 for local charities including The Basement Project in Bromsgrove.

25,000 volt warning

Network Rail is warning villagers to take extra care around the railway when overhead power lines “go live”.

Phone box defibrillator conundrum

Lickey & Blackwell parish councillors debated extra security measures for the Marlbook defibrillator, after it was stolen from the former phone box on Old Birmingham Road.

Station lifts grounded

The long-promised installation of lifts at Barnt Green railway station is now unlikely to go ahead as planned.

Lessons in fundraising

Crown Meadow First School in Alvechurch hosted a Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, attended by families and friends.

Tip deadline missed

The Environment Agency is stepping in to carry out safety work on Marlbrook Tip after the site’s owners failed to meet the deadline to do it themselves.

Noise advice

Reports of problems at Mayfield Farm, Hopwood are “on-going”, district and county councillor Charlie Hotham told Alvechurch parish councillors.

High-end cars ‘at risk’

Alvechurch is suffering from a “spike” in thefts of cars, with luxury models being the prime target.

Christmas set to be a cracker

Plans for a more festive Alvechurch are gathering pace, with the parish Christmas working group being upgraded to a sub-committee of the council with its own budget.

Life through a lens

Fifty years after work began on building Pebble Mill, a talk in Alvechurch celebrates the life of the iconic BBC studios.

Warning signs

Signs alerting motorists to the likelihood of horse riders are being sought for Rowney Green by Alvechurch Parish Council after recent concerns expressed by villagers.

Help always wanted

Bill Ulyett, chairman of trustees at The Lounge youth project and cafe in Alvechurch, explains how villagers can help out.

Village school could expand

St Andrew’s First School in Barnt Green has been asked to consider expanding, the village’s parish councillors heard.

Positive thinking

Members of the Alvechurch Neighbourhood Plan steering group held a three-day public display of their draft plan at Alvechurch Baptist Church.

Apply for grants now

Community groups in Alvechurch are being encouraged to put forward any applications for grants to the parish council as it begins to prepare its budget for the next year.

GP centre idea

Alvechurch is missing the chance to encourage a Worcestershire medical practice to open a centre in the village, a resident told parish councillors.

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Village Views



Faceless bureaucrats in their Whitehall ivory towers, drawing lines on maps without a care for how they will affect us in our villages 100 miles away from the capital . . . where have we read those words before?

Lawton’s View


Lawton's View Dec 2017

Bridge ‘railroaded’

I read your article in November’s edition concerning the disabled lifts at Barnt Green station with a feeling of frustration and disappointment.

A guide to getting on and off the train

With regard to access for all at Barnt Green station, I would like to expand on what Coun Cholmondeley has stated in Village News (November 2017).

Stop griping and embrace Cofton’s opportunity

As a resident of the “over-built Lego extension” in Cofton Hackett (Village Views, November 2017), I find it disappointing to still see negativity about what is not only a great opportunity for an exciting and cohesive new neighbourhood but also a lovely place to live. 

Where are the whitebeams?

I thought Barnt Green was such a nice place when I came to live here. However, two years ago the chainsaws moved into Rosebank and the whitebeams came down.

Whose dung is it, anyway?

I enjoyed reading The Village last month, especially the fabulous tip given by Cheryl Godfrey regarding using the horse droppings to feed the roses (Village Views, November 2017).

Meadows should be open to cars

This is an open letter to Alvechurch Parish Council and anyone concerned with the situation at the Wiggin Recreation Grounds, known locally as The Meadows, over the past summer and autumn.

Thanks to villagers for generosity

I would like to thank all local businesses who donated the wonderful array of prizes for the Alvechurch Knit & Natter Alzheimer’s Charity Raffle, and all you lovely people who have purchased tickets.


We often hear people talk about how nice it is to live in our villages and how lucky we all are to do so.

Roads to nowhere

Just when it looked probable that I may be alone in thinking that with all the frantic building and road-making going on in this Sceptered Isle, we will all be permanently gridlocked, your editorial and David Barton and Sophie Garner’s letters in the October issue revealed that perhaps other people have been thinking about this as well.

Urgent need to calm speed

Regarding the subject of speeding traffic in Barnt Green, I note that parish clerk Gill Lungley states that Fiery Hill Road is not suitable for the use of a speed gun (The Village October 2017).

Car park safety concerns

I want to raise a very real concern about the car park provided by the builders of the new estate on Fiery Hill. 

‘Golden promises’ forgotten

The October Village View asked what our villages will look like in 20 years. As a long-term resident of Cofton Hackett, I can quite sadly say that what was a pleasant place to live is sadly not any more.

Thanks to those who supported Plan

A sincere thank you from Alvechurch Parish Council to all who contributed to the Neighbourhood Plan displays at the Baptist Church in October; an event which launched the final six-week consultation before the Plan is submitted. 

POW memories

It was so interesting to read about “Our German gentle men” (The Village, September 2017). I, too, lived near the POW camp in Groveley Lane, Cofton Hackett.

Largest total ever

The Macmillan “Biggest Ever Coffee Morning” held at Rectory Cottage, Alvechurch raised an amazing £879.

Lawton’s View


Lawton's View November 2017

Lawton’s View


Lawton's View Oct 2017


What will our villages look like in 20 or 30 years? The answer most of us hope for is: much the same as they do now, thank you very much.

It won’t happen anyway!

While I have every sympathy with Paul Queen’s concerns with regard to the piazza proposals for the village centre at Alvechurch, he does demonstrate the real problem when rightly identifying the centre as a traffic island.


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It’s here at last!

The Village area has everything you need for a Christmas to remember.

Davies Timber open to all

Davies Timber is well-known as one of the largest independent timber merchants in the Midlands – but many people are unaware that it is open to the public as well as for trade.

Frosts after a mild start

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

Purple people power

Spice Valley Balti (SVB) in Bromsgrove will host a special fundraising dinner on Monday January 29, to raise money for the Stroke Association in Bromsgrove.

Launch of a dragon

Amateur astronomer Brian Watkiss peers into the Village night sky.

Being bold in the garden

Hannah Genders helps clients ‘go for it’ with a new design.

Colours of Africa

Sally Oldaker meets an artist whose work reflects his roots.

Reduce sight-loss risk

In many eye conditions, early detection is crucial to reduce the risk of sight loss as a result of retinal damage.

Sweet victory at Stourbridge

Alvechurch FC have plenty to look forward to as the year ends.

The holly bears a berry

Mary Green looks at the role of wildlife in our songs and carols.

Report reveals the real value of advice

You could save more money with the right guidance, writes Martin Pryor, of Pryor Portfolio.

A younger-looking you

With the festive season almost upon us, and a brand new year just around the corner, it’s the ideal time to ensure you look good and feel confident.

Gentle treatment for pain

If you’re struggling with joint or muscular pain, chiropractic treatment may be able to help – as it has done for many patients of Alvechurch Chiropractic Clinic over the past 14 years.

Village Archive: 10 years ago…

A look back at what was happening around here in November 2007.

Mild and stormy month

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

Mixed results for AFC

Alvechurch FC are not letting FA Cup defeat get them down.

November shadows

It’s late autumn now, and the bright colours have muted throughout the countryside. Everything looks brown and grey, especially if we get the foggy days common at this time of year.

Cleaning you can trust

Cina Yates, founder of the popular local cleaning business, My Home, has recently formed an enterprising new partnership with Alvechurch accountant and tax advisor, Andrew Crowe.

Control alcohol for Christmas

Alcohol specialist Julie Ward would like to support anyone who is interested in learning how to control their drinking before that time of the year arrives!

Care for eye conditions

If your eyes are itchy and watery, you may be suffering from blepharitis.

Sights on dark nights

Amateur astronomer Brian Watkiss peers into the Village night sky.

A time to review

Hannah Genders makes plans for the coming year.

A seamless service

If you’re travelling to an important business meeting, a trip abroad or a special event, a new village chauffeur company can provide a seamless, stress-free journey.

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