Saturday October 20 2018

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Citizens of the future

Posted on August 31 2017 at 12:15:58



Winterfold is a unique school, and this is evident from the moment you enter the school drive. The sweeping grounds allow children the freedom and security to play, giving them childhood experiences they will never forget.

The excellent facilities, which include a sports hall, performing arts centre, theatre hall, adventure playgrounds and superb classrooms for all ages, cannot fail to impress.

More than this is the family friendly feel of the school which is central to its ethos.

At the heart of everything is the happiness of the children. Good manners, a cheerful smile and a sense of purpose are genuinely seen in every pupil.

This is due to the dedication of all the staff who are committed to giving them an outstanding educational experience.

Winterfold gives children the opportunity to excel academically, as well as develop a sense of adventure and achievement in many different directions.

The school prides itself on truly knowing every child and ensuring that they achieve their potential in every aspect of school life.

Pupils develop skills of purpose, determination and confidence due to the wide variety of activities in which they take part.

They leave as well-rounded individuals who have become good citizens of the future. The valued relationship with parents and children is based on honesty, trust and respect.

Individual tours are encouraged at Winterfold. Please contact the Admissions Manager on 01562 777234.

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