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Control alcohol for Christmas

Posted on October 31 2017 at 6:33:16



Alcohol specialist Julie Ward would like to support anyone who is interested in learning how to control their drinking before that time of the year arrives!

A lot of people look forward to the festive season but deep down realise that their alcohol intake will be out of control until the New Year.

This can have an impact on families and health – not to mention the dreaded hangovers! How about making this Christmas more enjoyable, and not just about getting drunk?

“I can teach you how to make better choices about how and what you drink, so you can stay in control and still have fun, but realise when it’s time to stop,” says Julie.

“Your Christmas can be so different this year, and you still have time left to do something about it. Learning new techniques and developing a new approach to how you drink is liberating.

Many people say to me that they don’t know why they didn’t do it before.”

“Imagine what it would be like to still drink but to remember all your conversations with loved ones, not feel guilty and hung-over the next day, and to feel fresher and more alive in the mornings.”

You can achieve this by learning the techniques and strategies which Julie and her team can teach you:

“Once you know the formula that works for you, it’s yours for life.”

To book in time for Christmas then call or text 07434 286826 for a FREE 30 mins consultation.

Alternatively, you can email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or take a look at for more information.

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