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Donate old travel cash

Posted on July 30 2018 at 1:07:18

Broad Street team


A Bromsgrove DIY store is running a summer-long fundraising campaign to raise money for its 2018 nominated charity – Dodford Children’s Holiday Farm.

Broad Street DIY is asking people to pop into its shop on Worcester Road to donate any leftover foreign currency from holidays abroad.

All main currencies will be accepted, such as euros and dollars, as well as discontinued pre-euro currencies that might be tucked away at the back of a drawer in your home– French francs, Italian lira, German deutschmarks, Spanish pesetas or Greek drachma.

The shop will use a specialist foreign exchange firm to convert the currency to cash and then donate the money to Dodford Children’s Farm. The charity offers residential stays for children from inner city schools, nurseries and special schools, providing an opportunity for them to enjoy life outdoors on the farm.

“Nearly everyone comes home from holiday with some coins they can’t exchange at the bank, or a few low denomination notes that just aren’t worth exchanging,” said Lisa Childs, a director at Broad Street DIY.

According to a report in the Daily Mirror in 2017 each British household has, on average, £65 worth of unused travel money lying around.

You can take your foreign currency into Broad Street DIY at any time until September 30. For more information call the shop on 01527 873555.

Above: Lisa Childs, Andy Smith, Gary Tedstone and Sam Harris.

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