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Drink differently in 2019

Posted on December 28 2018 at 12:38:14

Julie and Louise


If you know deep down that you need to sort your drinking out, then seize the opportunity of a fresh start in January 2019!

Dry January is great and gives your liver a rest, but long-term changes will make the biggest difference to how you feel, and to your life as a whole.

Julie Ward is a qualified counsellor and coach who specialises in alcohol-related issues. Her service, ACT Alcohol, offers one-to-one support to individuals who would like to learn how to reduce their alcohol intake or to stop altogether.

Julie is offering the opportunity to take a short course to learn how to drink differently in 2019. Everyone has their own personal formula to controlling their drinking, but how can you do it if you don’t know how?

The course will be on an individual basis with an Alcohol Counsellor, who will guide you through the different stages which you will find an interesting learning experience, one that you will remember for life.

This will be the most important change you make in 2019 as it will improve your health, relationships and give you clarity that you probably haven’t felt in a long time.

“Many of us struggle to keep our alcohol levels down. . . because, after all, it is a drug and that’s the nature of the beast! It’s all too easy to put it off for another time, when life will surely be easier,” says Julie.

“When you understand your own personal formula then long-term control is achievable. The key is to learn simple rules and strategies for yourself that when applied guarantee immediate results.

“It’s not difficult to learn, it doesn’t take very long and it will be the best thing you ever did!”

Text “SHORT COURSE” to 07434 286826 and one of the team will respond immediately, or call 01527 878162 to book an appointment.

Find more information by visiting or searching ‘ACT Alcohol’ on Facebook

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