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Dynamic and caring

Posted on December 19 2019 at 10:44:15



A sense of history permeates every brick of this remarkable school, from the medieval Edgar Tower, housing the oldest classroom in the country, to the ancient College Hall.

Around every corner, however, stunning contemporary architecture blends seamlessly with the ancient fabric of the school, and that encapsulates the ethos perfectly: respecting its proud history and traditional values, while embracing technology and innovative teaching methods.

King’s Worcester is a dynamic and supportive community where pupils discover and develop their passions in the classroom and beyond. A community made up not just of pupils but also of dedicated teachers, a supportive and meaningful house system and a strong focus on wellbeing.

Pastoral care, also referred to internally as The King’s Warmth, is not just a complementary practice but a caring approach fully integrated and interwoven into the fabric of teaching and learning; the school’s organisation and engagement with the world beyond the school gates.

Through the school’s focus on the development of each individual, it provides a genuinely caring environment where young people can thrive and develop as curious and engaged members of the King’s community and a broader society. The school’s ethos emphasises mutual respect, openness, and warmth; it is the quality of relationships within the school that the pupils talk highly of and that makes the pastoral care so special.

The young people who come to King’s do outstandingly well academically because they enjoy what is on offer, throw themselves into the opportunities school life presents and push themselves to give their best in everything they do. They develop a passion for learning inside and outside the classroom, a curiosity about the world and a desire to know more about it.

Discovering new experiences and getting involved in activities that stretch both mind and body are what make the days at King’s special. In addition to music, drama and sporting activities, there are more than 100 clubs. From chess and Mandarin to sub-aqua and climbing, there is something for everyone.

For the adventurous there is the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, for which pupils have received an exceptional 79 gold awards over the past three years, a Cadet Force that has achieved outstanding success in regional and national competitions, and the school’s own outdoor activity centre in the beautiful Welsh mountains.

The school enjoys a wonderful location adjacent to the Cathedral, with fantastic sporting facilities on site, an amazing boathouse and some of the most beautiful playing fields in the country across the river.

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