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Help with hearing aids

Posted on June 30 2018 at 10:01:21


We people with a hearing loss come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our hearing aids, writes Pat Booth of Can You Hear Me?

We need hearing aids that fit into our lifestyle: do we enjoy music, are we active in our community and enjoy conversation? How do we cope in a group setting or at meetings?

Do we send our friends and relationships into chaos with misunderstandings or full-blown frustration?

The answers are in the techniques we learn and the continued patience of those around us.

I am sure people don’t “mumble” on purpose, nor do they turn away so we lose the facial expressions and lip patterns that are an important part of our communication clues. . . yes, we admit that we do a lot of guesswork, often laugh at the wrong joke and speak too loudly.

Our hearing aids are our link with the world. The loop system is a life saver as the message is relayed directly to our aids and places us on an equal footing.

So. . . get that aid out of the box or drawer and persevere to get the most out of top-notch technology. There is an excellent service on the NHS; talk to your audiologist.

Dates to remember:

* Wednesday Sept 19
Caring for our Hearing Aids: a practical session with audiologist Kay.

* Wednesday October 17
Open Morning – all welcome (both hearing and those with hearing loss)

Both events take place at Alvechurch Cricket Club, 10.30am–12noon.

Find the hidden you by using your aid to gain the maximum benefit – and if you want to meet others who are on the same journey you are welcome to join a group of us who meet monthly at Alvechurch Cricket Club to share and learn together as well as enjoying each other’s company.

For further information contact Pat Booth on 07966 370448.

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