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How much is enough?

Posted on November 29 2019 at 1:09:56


Find out how much you need for the life you want, says Martin Pryor.

The news, social media and press are great at telling you that you need millions of pounds to ensure financial security in retirement. These statements only serve to strike unnecessary fear and worry into people’s minds.

There are three types of client: those that do not have enough, those that have enough and those that have too much. In each situation, rarely do clients know which category they fit into until they have engaged with a lifestyle financial planner.

What if you already have enough?  There is a great story of a Mexican boatman which defines relative success. The story goes as follows…

There was a high-powered management consultant on holiday on a beach in Mexico. Early one morning he saw a local boatman come up to shore in his little boat. Inside the boat was a large yellow fin tuna.

He got talking to the boatman and he asked: “Tell me, what you do with your life?”

The Mexican said: “Well, I go out fishing early in the morning and I catch a yellow fin tuna. I come back and sell it. I then go home and have breakfast with my beautiful wife. We chat a while.

“Most days we make love followed by a snooze in the afternoon. Then in the early evening I play with the kids when they get back from school, I have dinner with my wife and then I go down to the local cantina where I play guitar, sing and have a drink with my amigos!”

The management consultant said: “I think I can help you. Here is my advice: instead of going back so early, why don’t you stay out and fish a little longer and catch more tuna. That way you can make more money so you can buy a bigger boat.”

“Really?” said the Mexican. “Then what happens?”

“Well, then you can catch even more fish. Then what you can do is employ some of your amigos and set up a fishing fleet to catch even more yellow fin tuna!”

“Wow!” the Mexican said, “and then what happens?”

“Well,” said the consultant, “that is when the magic happens; eventually you can bypass the middle man altogether and have your own cannery! Over the years you can build a fantastic fleet and a marvellous business!”

The Mexican was fascinated by all this and he said: “That is brilliant, what happens next?”

“Well, eventually you will be in a position to sell, which is where we can help you do an IPO and make you millions!”

“Wow, millions?!”  said the Mexican in awe. “Then what happens?”

The consultant then rubbed his hands and said: “Oh, that is the best bit! You can then relax, retire to a little Mexican fishing village and in the morning you can get up and go fishing for a yellow fin tuna and in the evening you can play guitar and have a few drinks with your amigos!”

The moral of the story is that you might already have the life you really want. So why work harder or longer than you really need to? Life is too short.

Research shows that the majority of people have no idea how much money they really need for the rest of their life. They may have income, assets and investments but no idea what it all means, or what sort of financial future awaits.

So, if you feel like this, you’re not alone! The big question is: are you going to run out of money? Or will you die with too much?

What we all need to know is how much is ENOUGH?

Having an insight into how much you actually need can be enlightening. It can put you in control. Knowing how much is ENOUGH will give you the freedom to live your life smarter.

After all, life is not a rehearsal; it needs to be lived to the max.

Contact PPM Financial Planning for an initial meeting to discover what your ENOUGH is. The meeting is at our expense with no long term obligations.


The team at PPM Financial planning would like to wish you all a happy Christmas and healthy 2020. Thank you for all the local support we have received throughout 2019.

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