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Reduce sight-loss risk

Posted on November 27 2017 at 10:46:18



In many eye conditions, early detection is crucial to reduce the risk of sight loss as a result of retinal damage.

Edgbaston Eye Clinic, run by consultant clinical optometrist Don Williams, provides state-of-the-art imaging equipment for early detection of conditions including diabetic eye disease, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma.

For instance, Bluepeak Blue Laser technology offers diagnostic insights into retinal conditions such as AMD and hereditary diseases.

The non-invasive scanning laser reveals metabolic stress in the retina, and will detect macular degeneration at its earliest of stages. At that point, treatment can be prescribed to slow down the rate of progression.

The clinic also offers MultiColor Scanning Laser Imaging, which uses three laser wavelengths simultaneously to provide diagnostic images showing distinct structures at different depths within the retina. 

Advanced glaucoma screening is also available at Edgbaston Eye Clinic, offering detection and monitoring for anyone at risk of glaucoma.

* Humphrey Visual Fields:
Visual field is basically your side vision. Glaucoma causes constriction of the field of vision and the end stage is like looking through a loo roll.

Measurement of the thickness of the external part of the eye is also very important when investigating for glaucoma.

* Gonioscopy: This is analysis of the drainage system of the eye. The equipment can film the drainage angle functioning – called a “live gonioscopy”.

* Heidelberg Spectralis macular retinal nerve fibre analysis/posterior pole analysis: Very advanced assessment of the nerve fibres of the retina, very important scan.

This scan can differentiate between damage as a result of glaucoma and damage from other neurological conditions.

* KOWA 3D: technology enables use to view the optic nerve in 3D. The 3D viewing experience is achieved by wearing 3D glasses. Edgbaston Eye Clinic is the only private provider in Birmingham to offer KOWA 3D technology.

Don Williams also works closely with top glaucoma surgeon Mr Imran Masood (B.Sc., MB ChB, MRCS(Ed) FRCOphth), and routinely assists him in theatre at BMEC when he is operating on highly complex cases.

Don is now a Registered (GOC) Specialist in his field and soon to be a registered Specialist Doctor. Book a consultation to discuss your symptoms or concerns.

Patients can book through BUPA (Authorisation Code BUPA: 30044161)for services at Edgbaston Eye Clinic including routine eye examination and eye test (OP001); in-depth eye test (£80) and children’s eye test (£40).

Eye test prescriptions can be taken anywhere to get glasses made up.

The price of lenses are often highly inflated; up to 300% in some cases. You do not have to buy your spectacle lenses where you buy your frames –they can be bought separately.

High street companies can then put them in your frames at an average cost of £15. 

Not every change in prescription warrants a change of spectacles. The questions you should ask are: Is it “clinically significant”? Will I notice a difference in real life with my new specs?

The College of Optometrists is very clear about prescribing for a “small change’ in prescription. So don’t feel pressured!

Ask Edgbaston Eye Clinic about ordering your spectacle lenses for 50% less.

Merry Christmas to all readers!

Edgbaston Eye Clinic
The Consulting Rooms, 38 Harborne Road, Edgbaston, B15 3EB  
Tel: 0121 726 3199 / 07867 301370
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Don Williams:
MCOptom BSc (Hons)DipTp (IP)
Prof Cert Med Ret  
Prof Cert Glaucoma
PGDip Refractive & Cataract Surgery

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