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Posted on May 29 2018 at 11:35:10

Album Review: No Stompy on Sunshine by The Stompies

Anyone who has attended a session of Alvechurch Acoustic Roots will be familiar with The Stompies, the house band who round off each month’s show with a set of their own music plus the occasional cover.

Now the multi-talented bunch aim to get themselves known beyond the village, via their first album – No Stompy on Sunshine, which used to be the band’s full name.

The musicians always seem to be having a ball when they perform, and that translates to the album, which successfully recreates the convivial atmosphere of Roots (held monthly at Alvechurch Sports & Social Club) with a wide array of instruments including guitars, fiddle, melodeon, bodhran and flute, plus perfectly-blended vocals.

It’s all original material, apart from guitarist and producer Dave Howard’s joyous arrangement of traditional Scottish folk mash-up Mary Mac/Furrem Be Me Heen.

Dave is also responsible for the freewheeling rhythm and unusual harmonies of Sail On Father, while Paul Chamberlain (guitar/ukulele) wrote or co-wrote everything else – including quirky break-up song Museum of Innocence and the two stand-out tracks, Great White Whale and The Killing.

The former is an incredibly evocative re-telling of Moby Dick, powerful and ominous; while the latter is a jaunty political ballad that combines the true tale of a woman taking on the government over modern slavery with Danish crime drama The Killing . . . and it’s a lot more fun than that sounds!

The album is available online via, and at Alvechurch Acoustic Roots and other Stompies gigs.

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