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Tai Chi for all abilities

Posted on August 31 2018 at 12:01:37



Whether you want to learn a gentle but effective martial art or you’re looking for health and relaxation, Tai Chi and Chi-Kung (Qigong) can help.

Mark Peters has been teaching Tai Chi for well over 20 years and runs daytime and evening classes in Alvechurch and Hopwood, suitable for all abilities.

“Tai Chi translates as “supreme ultimate” and is both the pinnacle of Chinese arts and what you see people practising in parks in the early mornings across Asia,” says Mark.

He first came to it as a martial art in his early 20s and trained in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, even taking a group of students to train in China.

In recent years Mark has been working with the NHS and training staff to use Tai Chi for patient rehabilitation: “We are the only people working with the NHS locally.”

Mark adds, “Long before Mindfulness became so heavily promoted, Tai Chi existed as a mindful activity.

“It is so much more than just a gentle exercise as it has been proven to improve your balance, circulation and respiratory function as well as strengthening your core,” he adds.

Classes run at Alvechurch Village Hall on Mondays (10–11am) and Fridays (11am–12noon), and at Hopwood Village Hall on Tuesdays (7–8pm) and Wednesdays (10–11am).

There are classes for all levels, and Tai Chi can be practiced both seated and standing, with progress at a speed that suits you.

For details of daytime classes visit, and for evening sessions see

For more information call Mark on 07831 743737 or search ‘Kai Ming Tai Chi’ on Facebook and YouTube.

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