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Artists’ homage to Hockney

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Hockey tribute

Although there are original basic sketches by David Hockney that go up for auction at £10-£15,000, if you want something really striking by the artist it will cost you considerably more – indeed, one of his paintings sold for £5.2 million in New York in 2009, writes Dave Morgan.

But visitors to an art exhibition in Alvechurch Village Hall from July 21 to 23 might at first glance suspect they have come to a viewing of some previously unpublished paintings by Hockney – which could be purchased for a fraction of that sum!

On inspection it will become apparent that they aren’t actual Hockneys but paintings “in the style of Hockney” produced by local artists who attend Pam’s Art Classes in Alvechurch and Droitwich.

Last year, the directors of Springview Care, which runs village care home Grosvenor House and other homes in the area, instigated a competition for the artists to produce paintings that might trigger memories for the homes’ residents.

This year’s theme was prompted by a comment from a resident who is a Hockney fan.

“This wasn’t an easy challenge,” commented one of the artists. “David Hockney has a style of his own and trying to emulate that is more difficult than it might seem.

“It wouldn’t be difficult to literally copy a picture that he had produced – but to create a new picture, in his style, means you have to try and work out how he would represent a scene or subjects within it.”

The exhibition is the fifth annual show by these groups, and will feature more than 100 other new original works by the artists – many of which will be for sale at very reasonable prices.

Over the past few years the exhibitions have received excellent reviews with comments like “Absolutely fantastic, lots of lovely paintings, such variety” and the intention is not just to keep up that standard of work, but to improve on it. So all of the pictures in the main exhibition will be art that has not previously been exhibited and that has been created during the last 12 months.

It is hoped that, schedule permitting, the Hockney-style paintings will be judged by village MP Sajid Javid at the Grosvenor House Summer Fete during the afternoon of Saturday July 23 – so if you want to see all the Hockney tributes at the exhibition you will need to get there before they are shipped out to the fete!

The exhibition will be open from 10am to 6pm on July 21 and 22, and 10am to 5pm on July 23. Entry is free and refreshments will also be available.

More details about the art classes can be found at

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