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City faces and places

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Barnt Green photographer Mark Winson gives us a preview of his first exhibition.

Village readers may remember our “Guess the Close-Up” series from a couple of years ago, in which we published photos of landmarks around Alvechurch.

Mark Winson, who took those pictures before he moved from Alvechurch to Barnt Green, says he has been honing his skills over the past two years – and he’s now holding his first-ever photography exhibition, in Harborne during the whole of February, featuring images of people and places around the Bullring Markets and Digbeth area.

“I’m relatively new to Birmingham, so enjoy roaming the city streets and losing myself in the more colourful, vibrant parts of town,” says Mark.

“I’ve always been drawn to markets, the sights sounds, the bargains and of course, the people.

“After a few daunting visits to the Bullring Market and Digbeth, where my camera and I felt a little conspicuous, I soon settled into a more comfortable approach, usually finding a perch or leaning post and just waiting for something to happen.

“Instead of looking back through sepia-coloured glasses, I wish my images to be contemporary and reflect the exciting times we live in – and try to capture the sounds, smells, noise and colour of the markets and surrounding area as they are now.

“I hope you enjoy my images and if you feel a desire to pick up a camera and follow your creative instincts, don’t let any lack of technical know-how stop you – get out there,  be brave, bold and express yourself!”

The exhibition is at the Basement Cafe & Bakery, 374 High Street Harborne, B17 9PY, throughout February.

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