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Strange but true?

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UFO and mist

Alvechurch UFO experts John Hanson and Dawn Holloway have been called in to investigate the recent spate of strange sightings in the area.

The couple, who use their vast collection of evidence to produce volume after volume of UFO encyclopedia Haunted Skies, have spoken to several residents in the Village area and over the border in Redditch.

After the incident over Tanyard Lane on January 11, as reported in last month’s magazine, there was a sighting two days later in the Churchill area of Redditch.

Resident Caroline Joesburgh told John and Dawn that she saw “two objects in the sky, one large, the other smaller, accompanied by faint blue lights at 11pm. They were there until 1am.”

Caroline claimed she saw the same object again the following night, but has not seen it again.

The Village also reported on a sighting over the M42 at Blackwell on February 10, and John thinks it is likely that the object was hovering over the electricity substation right next to the motorway.

“It’s odd because the object spotted over Tanyard Lane would also have been close to an electricity substation,” says John.

“We’ve also noticed that some work has been carried out at the Alvechurch station within the last few weeks, with the wooden panelling being replaced and brand new gates – sounds like The X Files!”

John also took a photograph of the Blackwell substation, showing a white mist which he says was not there in reality. . . the plot thickens.

Dawn and John were also contacted in early February by a resident of Withybed Close, Alvechurch, who said that one night at about 7pm she happened to glance out of her window and see a huge object covered in lights, hovering in the sky over tall trees a short distance away.

It was far to big to be a helicopter and she felt frightened and didn’t go outside to have a closer look.

There was another sighting in early February over the Oakenshaw area of Redditch, and another in Headless Cross on February 22.

Strangely, John and Dawn have also heard that a man in Perth, Scotland, photographed a UFO on February 28 – and it looks very similar to the one sighted on Withybed Close!

“Sightings of these objects go back hundreds, if not thousands, of years,” says John. “We know so much about their behaviour but nothing about any agenda, if indeed there is one! 

“Whatever one thinks about UFOs, they form part of social history and sightings be preserved for posterity.”

If you have spotted anything odd in the skies, contact the couple on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

* John and Dawn have published a revised and updated version of Haunted Skies Vol 1, which covers 1939–59. All volumes are available on Amazon. \

Above left: An artist’s impression of the Withybed Close UFO. Above right: The mist at Blackwell substation.

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