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The value of art

Posted on June 28 2015 at 10:16:16 0 comments

Optical illusion by Dave Morgan

An Alvechurch exhibition will showcase affordable art, writes Dave Morgan.

How much would you pay for a picture for the wall of your lounge? £50? £100?

How about £70 million? That’s the equivalent of what someone paid for a Picasso called Nude, Green Leaves & Bust. Personally I don’t even like the picture – not that I’m ever likely to have that amount of money anyway.

Fortunately you can buy an original painting or other artwork to grace your lounge or bedroom wall for as little as it costs for an evening meal for two, and there will be about 100 such pictures on display at the fourth annual art exhibition of Pam’s Art Classes in Alvechurch from Thursday July 23 to Saturday July 25 in the village hall.

Opening times will be 10am to 6pm (10am–5pm on the Saturday). Entry is free and refreshments will also be available.

The first three exhibitions were extremely successful with some very encouraging comments such as: “Some really stunning art”, “Brilliant art and gives me inspiration” and “Wow! What talent!”, and several visitors left with a new picture for their wall.

Each exhibition has a special topic for which the artists have been encouraged to produce a piece of art – last year it was countries of the world and this year it is “optical illusions”.

So, many of the artists, who attend classes in Alvechurch on Thursday mornings and afternoons and in Droitwich on Wednesday evenings, have been busy trying to create pictures that reflect their interest, be that a scenic view, a portrait or an abstract – and also an optical illusion.

In addition this year there are two other special events happening. The first is a competition set up by the owners of Grosvenor House Care Home, situated between Alvechurch and Barnt Green.

The competition was thought up by one of the directors of Grosvenor House, Kamal Khan, who thought that residents would be encouraged to reminisce about their lives and the local area with works of art that reminded them of past times.

The artists were challenged to create art that would trigger happy memories and put a smile on the faces of the residents – the winning pictures will be selected by the residents and staff of the care home and announced at the exhibition.

It is hoped that copies will also be on display at Grosvenor House Summer Fete, which is being held on Saturday July 25. The originals will then hang permanently at Grosvenor House for all to enjoy and revel in the memories.

The second special event is the launch of a new website for anyone interested in viewing paintings and other works of art, anytime and not just at an annual three-day exhibition.

The website, which has been created by one of the regular class members, is There are also details of the classes themselves and previous exhibitions.

So if you want to own some genuine original art and you can’t afford £70 million, plus you want to support local budding artists of all ages, or perhaps you just enjoy viewing art and want some inspiration, Alvechurch Village Hall is the place to be in late July.

Above: Optical illusion by Dave Morgan

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