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Village Book Review: Murder on the Brussels Express

Posted on March 21 2014 at 2:43:06 0 comments

Murder on the Brussels Express

Acton Trussell is back, no longer an MP after flouting the nationwide smoking ban in The Smoking Gun, but trying to unravel a murder mystery.

Murder on the Brussels Express sees him up against spies, gangsters and, worst of all, Eurocrats.

The author, Barnt Green-raised Nigel Hastilow, is no stranger to political intrigue as a former member of Commons press gallery and would-be MP. 

He brings his decades of insight into the European “super state” project to this speedy satire in which the UK may even win the Eurovision Song Contest.

Available in paperback from Halesowen Press (£9.95) or as a Kindle edition at Amazon.

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