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Vajazzle tattoo


The latest beauty craze, vajazzling, is now available in Barnt Green and Bromsgrove thanks to local beautician Dawn Kordan of Beauticle.

If you have seen the TV programme The Only Way Is Essex, you will know what vajazzling is; if not, then read on!

Vajazzling involves having a Hollywood wax (everything smooth) and applying authentic Swarovski temporary body crystals to the skin to make it look really pretty.

The beautiful designs can be placed anywhere on the body to add a bit of glamour or bling. The “vajazzles”, when applied to smooth, dry, clean skin, should last 1-2 weeks (depending on how tight you wear your clothing!)

If you have a wax, it should last a few weeks before the hair begins to grow back – therefore the crystals will fall off before any noticeable hair growth appears.

Vajazzles can also be used to add enhancement to existing permanent tattoos for a special occasion, or if you are going on holiday, a vajazzle tattoo looks very pretty just above the bikini bottoms.

The crystals can be worn when swimming as they are waterproof, although prolonged periods in water may shorten the length of time that they stay on before beginning to loosen.

Another great thing about vajazzles is that if you want to remove them they simply peel off quite easily and a new design applied, so if you are on holiday you can wear a new vajazzle each day with your new bikini.

Beauticle has a wide range of designs for you to purchase, and you don’t need to book in for a wax in order to have one. Prices start at £5 through to £10 for one in a “vajazzle gift pouch” as a special treat.

“We all wear jewellery for a night out, and now you can “bling up” any part of your body and stand out in a crowd,” says Dawn, who has now opened a second branch of Beauticle within the Well-Fit gym on Station Street in Bromsgrove (B60 2BT).

Pop in and have a look at the fabulous range of designs, or visit

To book an appointment or just to have a browse, call 0121 445 4943 or 07768 764545 and ask for Dawn.

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