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Grab yourself a bag

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As all women know, handbags are the essential fashion accessory – and with the item at the forefront of the craze for accessories this spring, the Fine & Fancy boutique in Alcester provides a slice of handbag heaven.

The trend this season is for quirky bags featuring images, appliqué and the still-popular metallic fabrics, with everything from dogs to beads emblazoned on the front.

The era of the purely functional handbag is long gone, and women today are likely to have a wardrobe full of bags for every occasion – many have a real passion for handbags and will buy anything that is sufficiently unusual and different.

“Handbags are the perfect way for women to make a statement,” says Catherine from Fine & Fancy. “Even if you are wearing plain colours, you can make yourself stand out by what you are carrying.”

For sheer head-turning appeal, this season’s collections have it in the bag. One of the best-sellers is the range of must-have Radley bags, featuring the image of a cute Scottie dog who is the company’s namesake.

The dog first appeared as a little leather cut-out tag hanging from the handle. But soon he was getting top billing, appearing as large as life on the front of the bag, either by himself or incorporated into scenes including one at the beach and another by an igloo with some penguins.

For spring, Radley have positioned the dog at home in a theme called Home Sweet Home, and this is likely to prove just as popular with women of all ages. Radley bags seem to have started a real trend, with many suppliers now looking for anything quirky and different.

Also available at Fine & Fancy are bags by Suzy Smith, Bulaggi and Sirco – bag ‘em while you can!

Fine & Fancy: 01789 766111

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