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Cooking with the ‘Goddess’

Posted on October 19 2008 at 1:48:22 0 comments



Home-cooked Indian food, created to your taste and delivered to your door…

Hosting a dinner party is a great way to socialise with friends, but all too often the host misses out on the company of their guests by spending half the night in the kitchen. And if you’re not a particularly confident cook, you’ll have the added worry that something will go wrong…

The answer is to have someone else cook the food for you, but most people would prefer to serve something home-cooked rather than convenience foods – and that’s where a brand-new local business can help.

Seeso Duggal-Marriott, the self-styled Goddess of Home Cooking, provides fresh, home-prepared Indian food that’s sure to impress your guests – whether or not you let them think it was all your own work!

Seeso’s love of cooking inspired her to set up this new venture, which allows clients to choose a bespoke menu of meat or vegetarian options and have the delicious home-cooked food delivered to their door.

Her dishes, which can range from canapes to desserts, are far more authentic than those found in the average Indian restaurant or takeaway, and are a lot healthier, with organic ingredients used wherever possible.

“Since I supply the ingredients myself, I can make sure I find the best ones,” she says. “I like to know that my clients are eating something I’d be happy to eat myself.”

Whether you’re holding a buffet party or a sit-down meal, Seeso will create a menu according to your requirements, and can offer advice for those who are unfamiliar with Asian cuisine. She will also provide buffets for business meetings and special occasions, including groups of up to 50 people.

Seeso is unfazed by large numbers, having plenty of experience of cooking for her own relatives and friends: “I’ve cooked for about 40 in my own kitchen, and it’s no problem as long as you are organised!” she claims.

She and husband Eddie have six children and four grandchildren between them, and Seeso herself comes from a large family.

“When I was a child, we always cooked and ate at home – that’s where I picked up my knowledge and learned to experiment,” she explains. “These days, a lot of people just don’t have the time to cook, so a lot of the skills are being lost.”

That said, there is more concern these days about additives, colours and salt content in shop-bought foods, so Seeso’s tasty dishes involving home-grown herbs and vegetables are likely to prove very popular – she even makes her own chutneys, pickles and chapattis.

Seeso wants to pass her passion on to others, making sure they thoroughly enjoy tasting something a bit different and perhaps inspiring them to take up cookery themselves.

She also loves to experiment, with her family serving as taste-testers for some wacky curries involving smoky bacon and sprouts, Spam and even scrambled egg!

Although the meals she provides for clients are generally a bit more traditional, she’s always happy to take up the challenge of creating something new: “If someone has a favourite vegetable or other ingredient, I can make it into a curry,” she says.

Seeso is happy to keep her business small so that she can continue to offer a personal touch, visiting clients to design their perfect menu.

With several bookings even before the business began advertising, the Goddess of Home Cooking is likely to find herself very busy once word gets around: “I don’t mind at all,” she comments, “It keeps me on my toes!”

Call Seeso on 07948 399574 or 01527 403225, or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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