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Explosion of colour

Posted on August 30 2016 at 9:32:22 0 comments

Spring bulbs


Of all the things you grow in your garden, spring flowering bulbs must be the easiest, most rewarding and colourful, writes Nicci Gow.

Now is the time to start thinking about them, getting them planted while your soil is still warm so they can get growing, ready to flower in spring.

You can buy ready-planted pots of bulbs from late December onwards, but you will get a much wider choice and really great value if you plant the bulbs yourself. The time to choose those bulbs is NOW!

For many, the cheerful nodding blooms of daffodils are the epitome of spring but the array of bulbs available is vast and you should not limit your selection to just good old daffs.

From tall, vibrantly coloured tulips to dainty little wood anemones, the choice is almost endless and there is certainly a bulb to suit every situation in your garden. Planting bulbs in a mixed border will help fill in gaps and add colour before shrubs and perennials get growing.

Drifts of a single species of bulb to tie in with a particular colour theme in a border can add a striking effect, or try mixing different varieties of bulbs to add a vibrant splash of colour. Create a spontaneous feel under trees and in lawns by “naturalising” drifts of bulbs.

Crocuses, dwarf tulips, anemones and snowdrops lend themselves to this type of planting. Throw the bulbs into the air and plant where they land to make it look as if they grew there all by themselves.

And if you want a great patio display from late December through until April, grow bulbs in pots. Keep it simple by planting a single variety tightly packed in a pot or mix a few different bulbs, layered in the pot according to height, to create a colourful show.

When choosing your bulbs look for a good sized bulb (bigger bulbs grow into bigger flowers!) and buy from a reputable source, such as an independent garden centre.

Here you will be able to get all the advice and help you need on choosing the right bulbs to celebrate the arrival of spring with an explosion of colour!

Nicci Gow and her husband Neil are co-owners of Fresh @ Burcot Garden Centre.

Alcester Rd, Burcot, Bromsgrove, B60 1PW
Tel: 01527 873 470     

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