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Gardens open in the dark

Posted on August 20 2012 at 12:58:25 0 comments

Garden by night

Gardening is an inherently daytime occupation, so it would seem logical that visiting gardens should also be something you did in the daylight.

However, Marlbrook Gardens are opening their three gardens in the Braces Lane area on the evening of Saturday September 1 between 6.30pm and 10pm under the National Garden Scheme (NGS).

Visitors can view them in natural daylight first but then, as it gets dusk, the gardens can be seen lit up by hundreds of lights to give them a totally different aspect. These are three quite diverse gardens and show what can be done with different types of garden, including water features, exotics and more traditional cottage style.

Access to all three gardens is £6, which includes a free glass of wine in any garden, and there will also be food available within the gardens.Visitors can come and go as they please, so visiting any of the gardens in the daylight and after dusk is perfectly acceptable.

More information on all the gardens open in the Worcestershire area can be found at, in the “Yellow Book” or the county leaflet.

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