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Resolutions for a year in the garden

Posted on December 28 2016 at 1:52:56 0 comments


Dave Morgan suggests a few ideas to improve your garden for 2017.

W hatever happens as one year drifts into another, someone is bound to ask you, “Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?” Well, have you? And do you think you will keep them? If you’re anything like me, probably not!

But we do like to make them, don’t we – whether it is giving something up, being more productive or just being better human beings. But why do we need to wait until New Year’s Day to start something new?

Seems daft, doesn’t it, having to wait another 365 days to do something different if we haven’t started it by January 2.

So to try and help you this year I have come up with a few New Year’s Garden Resolutions you might like to try. And even if you’re reading this after the start of the New Year, so what – try some of these anyway!

The first is quite simple but should give you pleasure for years to come, and that is to go into a garden centre at least once a month (for real gardeners – or even pretend gardeners – that shouldn’t be difficult) and buy a perennial plant that is outside (i.e. flowering naturally at that time of the year), take it home – and plant it in your garden! Simple!

The result should be that you will get colour in your garden with flowering plants every month of the year in the future. And each year you should be able to see a plant that will remind you of how you have kept a New Year’s Resolution for more than a year!

So that’s resolution number one sorted. Number two is to do something new in your garden. One of the things I enjoy is putting something of myself in the garden – something of my character. I’m someone who likes a bit of fun and a laugh, so I try and put a little bit of that into our garden.

Two years ago I found a wonderful circular garden sign that read “When nothing goes right, go left!” with an arrow pointing to the left. I put it on the side of the shed, so that anyone walking towards the shed would see it – and if they tried to go right they would walk into the hedge at the end of the garden, so they were forced to go left.

I thought it was great – but after the first winter it was in place I went up the garden to find that the words had all disappeared! The sign was still there – but with nothing on it. It was almost as if the words had slid downwards and fallen off the sign – although in reality of course they had just faded away.

It’s a good job I had taken a picture of it – I printed it out and put a laminated copy into the window of the shed, so the sign still exists, just in a different format!

That leads me nicely to my third suggested resolution – which is to take lots of photographs of the garden all through the year. It helps with the memory, especially as you get older, but it’s also great to remember the way the garden was and to see, rather than try and remember, how the garden has changed.

My fourth suggested resolution is to try to actually spend time sitting and enjoying your garden. Too many gardeners spend all their spare time working in the garden and too little time sitting, looking around, and enjoying the beauty, the sights, sounds and smells and everything that your garden can give back to you. 

But hang on – that’s only four resolutions, and five is a much better number, so let’s have another one! My fifth suggested New Year’s Resolution is to visit more National Garden Scheme gardens – well, as the NGS County Organiser I had to get a plug in somewhere – and our garden, Oak Tree House in Marlbrook, is open…

Oh! The editor says I’ve run out of space so you’ll just have to look us up in the NGS county leaflet out later this month and available from garden centres and libraries.

In the meantime – Happy New Gardening Year!

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