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School pic

Alvechurch resident Hilary Hughes asked us to print this photo (above), in the hope that other readers might be able to identify some of the people.

She says the man in the centre is Mr Owen, a teacher at the old school in School Lane.

He arrived after serving in World War II, (possibly in the RAF), specialising in art and tutoring for the 11-plus – and was “everyone’s favourite!”

Hilary, who attended the school from 1944, thinks the other man may be Mr Lowe.

The photos shown below were brought to us by Alvechurch resident Lillian Willis, who had found the negatives in her loft and had them developed.

Can anyone shed any light on the events taking place? The first is clearly taken on Bear Hill and depicts an official ceremony of some kind, while the second could show the cast of a local production or perhaps people dressed up for a fair?

* If you can help, please get in touch via the addresses on Page 3 – and feel free to send in your own pics!

Event pic

Cast pic


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