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Alvechurch Alight!

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For ten years Alvechurch Alight! was the event that brought a whole community together. Walking with the crowds, lanterns burning over the heads of hundreds in that first year was an experience few will have forgotten.

It spawned friendships and spread a feeling of well-being that kept the experience alight for a decade (that first year, 1997, was even one of the inspirations for this magazine’s launch a year later).

The build-up lasted weeks as youngsters created their lanterns at workshops in the Village Hall. Initially these were illuminated by candles, but a few flare-ups and “health and safety” meant later versions were battery powered.

Setting out from The Crown at Withybed Green – and in the last couple of years from The Weighbridge – the procession wove its way through the village to a big party at Alvechurch Football Club.

But by 2006 it had got out of hand, with revellers coming from miles away and the inevitable public order problems that came with having thousands of people partying in one place.

The 10th event was the last and in February 2007, this magazine carried the headline” “The light goes out for village festival.”

But now, it’s being reignited. Watch this space . . .

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