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Football legend from Hopwood

Posted on February 29 2016 at 1:29:14 0 comments

Hopwood youth team

Following our December article on the early days of Hopwood United FC, reader Caroline Spreckley sent us this photo of the youth team in the 1961/62 season.

The line-up includes Percy Freeman, who died in January.

Team-mate Paul Griffin provided the names of those pictured and said: “Percy played for many teams in the Midlands before going on to West Bromwich Albion and Lincoln City, where he became a legend. He will be missed.” 

Also pictured is Robert Slater, son of the Westmead Country Club’s owner and team sponsor Joe Slater.

When the team finished playing, the money raised became a charitable fund, of which the last remaining money was donated to The Lounge to assist with set-up costs at the request of team captain and treasurer Patrick Spreckley.

Back row: Peter Crumpton; Percy Freeman; Roy Field; Mick Stevens (goalkeeper); Paul Griffin; unknown.
Front row: Martyn Twitty; Robert Slater; Patrick Spreckley (captain); Tony Boot; unknown.

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