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Hall’s heritage on display

Posted on May 27 2014 at 11:23:17 0 comments

Memorabilia from 110 years of village shows

Finstall villagers enjoyed a trip down memory lane when their Village Hall celebrated its 110th birthday with a heritage event.

Current residents and those with a past connection to the village had been asked to lend historical photographs and memorabilia reflecting 100 years of not just the hall itself but Finstall life in general.

Among the artifacts were photos of people and places, maps, property deeds, entry lists for the annual Flower and Produce Show, and minutes from committee meetings.

One particularly entertaining document revealed that an extraordinary meeting had been called in 1934 to address allegations that a cup winner in the Show had cheated:

“Two members of the committee had subsequently visited his garden and reported that in their opinion the onions similar to those exhibited had been recently planted; they came to this conclusion because the bed had recently been forked up, and several of the largest onions had been cleaned, and one that they removed came up easily, the root having been pushed into a hole in the ground. . . it was unanimously agreed that he forfeited any prizes obtained.”

Visitors also watched a short film of Finstall made in the 1930s, and helped each other put names to faces in some of the old photos.

Local author Jennie McGregor-Smith, who is researching a book on Finstall’s history, chatted to visitors and said she had gathered lots of extra information.

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