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Memorabilia mystery

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A Marlbrook resident is asking “readers with long memories” to think back to the 1960s and help him solve a mystery.

Mike Dodman and his late wife came into possession of a box of photographs and other items on the death of her father, and planned to investigate it as a retirement project.

“My wife died shortly before retiring so she never had the chance to do so – but I have now completed the task and found one curiosity,” says Mike.

He discovered a business card for “The Cellarmen Rhythm Group”, with the address 508 Birmingham Road, Marlbrook.

His wife’s maiden name, Lesley Livick, is written several times on the back – and clipped to the card was a photograph of a young man.

Mike has contacted the current occupants of that address, but they have no knowledge of The Cellarmen. However, he has been told by another source that the group may have played at the Barnt Green Inn.

“My wife grew up in Ten Ashes Lane, Cofton Hackett, in the mid-to-late 1960s and I do recall her talking about mixing with some Barnt Green lads, so a link to the Barnt Green Inn seems perfectly feasible,” Mike adds.

“The lad in the photo was probably of a similar age to my wife when they were teenagers – could he have been a member of The Cellarmen?”

If any of our readers have any memories of The Cellarmen or can identify the man in the photo, please get in touch!


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