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Rags to Rags  by Cas Amato

By his own admission, Barnt Green resident Cas Amato isn’t rich or famous – so why did he decide to write his autobiography? His answer: “Because the story is there.”

He’s got a point; why should the life of an “ordinary” person be any less worthy of committing to paper than that of a “celebrity”?

That said, Cas has probably led a slightly more interesting life than some, given that his work has taken him quite literally around the world from South Sudan to the Philippines to Venezuela and even Iraq, places that most people would never get the chance to visit.

These journeys, and the resulting anecdotes, are only part of the story, which meanders through various periods in the author’s life – the book is divided into themed sections rather than using a strictly chronological narrative, which Cas puts down to the fact that he didn’t necessarily remember things in order.

Cas also includes musings on his Italian heritage, while his memories of childhood, school days and teenage years in the 1960s and 70s will resonate with people of a similar age.

Tales of working at Longbridge and life in the Barnt Green area will also appeal to local readers.

“I had no real plan of how I wanted the book to be; I just sat down and started writing it,” Cas says. “It took me about two or three months in total. There was no writer’s block because the story is all there.”

After he sent the manuscript out to various publishers, with no real expectations, one agreed to publish the story, and it’s now available via Amazon (including a Kindle edition) and Waterstones.

Cas’ family have also given feedback: “My brother sent back some corrections, and my sister’s response was: “I never said that!’”

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