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The story of your life

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A common source of regret for many of us is that we didn’t spend more time listening to the life stories of older relatives while they were still around – but a Bromsgrove business has launched a service enabling treasured memories to be recorded for posterity.

“Your Life” was the idea of Paul Larner, who runs a staging and events company and is often asked to create presentations of photographs and music for use at funerals or memorial services.

“Following the death of my own father, I soon realised that my most treasured possession was a very brief and poor quality cassette tape of him telling a humorous anecdote to his elder brother – I still play it constantly,” says Paul.

“While planning his funeral, I found myself discovering many aspects of his life that I’d previously been unaware of. If I had one wish it would be to turn back time and to have the opportunity to record him telling his life story.”

With Paul’s mother now in her late 80s, he wanted to make a permanent record of her life story, including an audio recording of her telling the tale in her own words.

He then produced a book with photographs, and decided this was a valuable service he could offer to others. The “Your Life” package can be given as a special gift to a loved one, or purchasers may decide to record their own life story.

The process begins with a very relaxed and informal interview in the comfort of your own home, carried out by an experienced, CRB-accredited biographer and recorded for your family and future generations to keep.

The interview is structured more like a conversation with select questions that help capture the detail and highlights of your life story.

It is then transcribed into a high-quality hardbound book of text and photographs, while the audio recording of the interview appears as a CD in the back of the book.

Both the text and audio content will be loaded on to a memory stick so they can be viewed on a laptop or tablet.

The “Your Life” package can be given as a perfect gift for parents, grandparents, relatives and friends, with a personalised gift certificate.

However, the subject could also give their life story as a gift to their children, grandchildren and future generations.

Clients can choose to upgrade the audio recording to a video DVD to capture their full personality.

The company also offers a memorial package option, with an animated history of images depicting the essence of your life story set to a music track of your choice for use at a funeral or memorial service, for when that unfortunate time comes.

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