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The truth is still out there

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John and Dawn

An Alvechurch couple who have dedicated their lives to creating an encyclopedia of UFO sightings have just published their eleventh volume.

John Hanson and Dawn Holloway’s Haunted Skies series offers a history of the subject that’s beyond comprehensive, with the record of UK sightings now joined by anecdotes from the USA and the Antipodes. 

It’s a real labour of love, so much so that the couple decided to self-publish their books in order to retain the control they wanted. The volumes are now in full colour, with plenty of original, previously unpublished illustrations of people’s sightings.

“We can’t give any answers on what lies behind the phenomenon – we merely seek to record and preserve history,” says John.

“Future generations will be able to see for themselves what really took place, rather than relying on the unadulterated rubbish declassified by the MoD on the UFO subject.”

John and Dawn have amassed so much material that each doorstop-sized volume only covers a few years.

Vol 11 – all 776 pages of it – covers 1989 to 1990 and includes files from “Project Blue Book” , one of a series of systematic studies of UFOs conducted by the United States Air Force.

“The published files were downgraded and explained away as insufficient evidence – but they do include multi-witness sightings that seem to defy explanation,” adds John.

Vol 11 has a foreword by Nick Pope, who used to run the British Government’s UFO Project – one of many high-profile figures who have open minds on the subject, according to John:

“We have records of encounters from many people in top positions, including police officers and pilots.”

“Over the years there are so many people who have seen things; they can’t all be making it up,” adds Dawn.

John says he was incensed by recent comments from Professor Brian Cox, who was dismissive about UFOs: “If people do their own research, as we have done for 20 years plus, they will find ample evidence to show the presence of something or someone haunting our skies.”

The couple point out that in addition to the many alleged sightings reported to police or the MoD, there are plenty of people who don’t report their encounters, or only report them years later, because they are too scared – either traumatised by the incident itself, or afraid of ridicule if they go public.

“People say it’s all in the mind, but UFOs often do leave physical marks such as scorch marks on a roof or crop circles.

“And it’s nothing to do with people getting ideas from watching X-Files or Star Trek – the sightings go back thousands of years before the popular image of the flying saucer,” John points out.

“We’re not saying there’s a conspiracy, but the MoD are sitting on a lot of evidence – and the only things that get declassified are low-grade stuff, such as silly letters from people wanting a ride on a UFO.”

The couple think this may be why so many people still see the subject as entertainment rather than fact, and why the mainstream media tends to “take the mick”.

John, a retired police officer, and Dawn, who still works part time, travel most weekends to interview people who have had encounters, and in July they will meet with Colonel Charles Halt from the US Air Force to discuss the “Rendlesham Forest Incident” that occurred on a Suffolk air base in 1980.

It takes them around six months to compile each book, using the reams of documents stored in their home. There’s already a separate edition just for Wiltshire, which must be a hotbed of UFO activity, and they would like to do one just for Worcestershire:

“We have all the material but not the time or the money for printing,” says Dawn. “Our books don’t make a profit – we just want people to realise what’s going on.”

“If we didn’t think there was any real evidence, we wouldn’t be doing this,” John concludes.

“Whether you are a sceptic or a believer, UFOs are still the greatest phenomenon of modern times.”

The Haunted Skies series is available to buy on Amazon.

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