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All together now…!

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Alvechurch Community Choir at The Lawns

Alvechurch Community Choir has enjoyed performing at The Lawns over the past two years, and noticed how the residents love to join in the songs. So a small group from the choir decided to spend time at The Lawns and create a singing group there.

From May to July, they visited every week, teaching the residents some of their songs, and learning some of the songs the residents wanted to sing. The contingent from the choir was delighted by the singing abilities of the residents, and the enthusiasm they maintained.

They worked on a group of songs until they were suitable for performance. They also continued to sing just for fun, along with laughter and stories. Jenny Davis, who organises activities at The Lawns, says that the residents have benefited greatly from the experience.

The philosophy of the community choir is that everyone can sing. The residents – like the choir – vary greatly in their abilities, but all can join in.

The “Lawns Choir” recently performed with the Alvechurch Community Choir at the Lawns (above). The other residents were joined by friends and families to hear the singing. The songs ranged from old favourites to Elvis Presley, and by the end the audience was singing along! 

Mary Green, from the Community Choir, thanked the Lawns for supporting the idea, and the residents for their joyful singing, enthusiasm, and discipline.

“If anyone thinks elderly residents in this community are written off, they should come and hear this lot!” she said. “The choir will never forget being taught the words of Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major by the residents.”

The residents’ choir will continue to sing, and the community choir group will visit to share singing practice. Another performance is already being considered.

The residents’ choir are: Margaret Baldwin, May Caulder, Edna Clarke, Sylvia Clifford, Anne Flint, Winnie Gittus, Gwen Greenaway, Bernard Hathaway, Sue Hawthorne, Edith Hollingworth, Pam James, Lila Kent, Doreen Pryke, Len Taylor and Olga Windsor.

The Community Choir group consists of Lynn Bayliss, Megan Brain, Helena Brook-Carter, George Cochrane, Neil Genders, Ann Glennon, Chris Grainger, Mary Green, Steve Hawthorne, Liz Jones, Dave Maxted, Pat Riley, Martyn Ritchie and Jackie Wiggins.

* For more info about the choir, contact Jenny Davis on 0121 445 4098 or Mary Green on 0121 445 5957.

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