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Invest in your child’s future with a piano

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The team at Vale Pianos

Whether you’re seven or 70, playing the piano is good for you! Playing the piano can be the key to a brighter future for many people.

It has been scientifically proven that children playing an instrument can achieve better academic results in many other subjects. Social and teamwork skills improve along with memory and co-ordination, which also benefit the more mature pianist, helping to keep brain and body active.

The piano is a good first instrument as the pianist achieves a rewarding sound quite quickly. Keyboards are very often chosen as the starting point but unfortunately can be very limiting, with the next stage requiring a digital or real piano. Try to choose the best instrument you can afford, as it will be more encouraging, rewarding and enjoyable to play.

Try to position your piano somewhere sociable, as children love to share with you how they can play. Investing in a good piano teacher will also make a big difference to progress made.

In the heart of the Worcestershire countryside is Vale Pianos, a well-established family business owned and managed by Linda and Craig Lowe. They are passionate about pianos and have a vast knowledge gained over 25 years.

They and their friendly, informative team are keen to help people who are looking for a piano, including parents seeking advice who are unsure of the type of piano to choose as a starting point for their children. The more experienced pianist wanting something more encouraging to play will also find plenty of choice.

Vale Pianos have also received many ‘Dealer of the Year’ awards from Kawai – a major Japanese manufacturer producing excellent pianos. Many piano tuners, piano teachers and customers recommend Vale Pianos as a marvellous place to visit.

Vale Pianos have an impressive selection of over 100 pianos on display; new, pre-owned and digital, along with workshops to undertake minor repairs to full restoration.

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