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Shakespeare for the people!

Posted on September 25 2006 at 6:19:26 0 comments

All & Sundry

Local theatre group All & Sundry will be bringing Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew to the Artrix in Bromsgrove from November 1- 4.

Neale McGrath, professional actor and director, and something of an expert on Shakespeare, is directing the production. He describes it as follows:

“Shakespeare wrote for the masses, the people. Oh yes, he always played to the monarch of the time – King James, Elizabeth I – but he wrote for the common man.

“His work is riddled with bawdy humour; ribald comedic pieces that reached (and still do if it’s done right) the people and gentry alike.

“Shrew is a lovely comedy with a message which, these days, seems to be misunderstood. It seems, at first glance, to be a sexist piece that shows women as second class citizens, certainly not equals.

“That’s not so. The play is a love story, a tale of two wayward characters lost in their own lives and looking for a reason to live, a person to live with, a life of value with a prized possession – a mate!”

The cast includes a number of professional actors and this is giving a new challenge to All & Sundry members in the production. For instance, recently married Kat Cashmore, a regular performer with the group, puts it this way:

“I felt that I  wouldn’t be  good enough to act next to them, but now I’m upping my game so hopefully people coming to see Taming of the Shrew won’t be able to distinguish between us amateurs and the professionals.

“I have a love scene with one of the professionals and I have to say that he convinced me so much of his undying love for me, my knees went weak and I began to tremble.

“I just hope my husband doesn’t think it’s real when he comes to see it or I could be in trouble!

“It’s a great experience to act with the professional actors and I’m hoping that their talent will rub off on me. I’ve already learnt so much from them during rehearsals and I feel that my talents have definitely improved.”

Tickets are available from the Artrix box office on 01527 577330.

You can find out more about All & Sundry by visiting The “Links” part of the web site takes you to the Artrix web site where you can book tickets online.

Above: Some of the play’s cast relax during rehearsals with director Neale McGrath (far right).

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