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Village Drama Review: The Ghost Train

Posted on November 22 2008 at 1:09:28 0 comments

The Alvechurch Dramatic Society’s performance of The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley at Alvechurch Village Hall in November was magnificent.

The “experience” of the play was enhanced by the way they incorporated the audience into the play, and the whole of the hall into the set.

When we entered we were greeted by the Stationmaster, resplendent in his official hat, who ushered us into the hall. The hall was soon transformed into the a audience station waiting room with the “chuff, chuff” of steam trains, doors closing, whistles blowing and then the slow lights switching off transferred attention to The Ghost Train waiting room on the stage.

The fine acting and suspense kept everyone on the edge of their seats until the interval. The Stationmaster proceeded to check the tickets in the audience waiting room, the station tea lady served tea and cakes and the audience prepared for the next stage of their journey.

After many twists and turns, over hills, through embankments and valleys the play arrived at its destination, the audience arrived at theirs and we all left the waiting room looking forward to the next journey with Alvechurch Dramatic.

Rehan ul-Haq and Lubna S Haq

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