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Station lifts grounded

The long-promised installation of lifts at Barnt Green railway station is now unlikely to go ahead as planned.

25,000 volt warning

Network Rail is warning villagers to take extra care around the railway when overhead power lines “go live”.

Phone box defibrillator conundrum

Lickey & Blackwell parish councillors debated extra security measures for the Marlbook defibrillator, after it was stolen from the former phone box on Old Birmingham Road.

Lessons in fundraising

Crown Meadow First School in Alvechurch hosted a Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, attended by families and friends.

Tip deadline missed

The Environment Agency is stepping in to carry out safety work on Marlbrook Tip after the site’s owners failed to meet the deadline to do it themselves.

Noise advice

Reports of problems at Mayfield Farm, Hopwood are “on-going”, district and county councillor Charlie Hotham told Alvechurch parish councillors.

High-end cars ‘at risk’

Alvechurch is suffering from a “spike” in thefts of cars, with luxury models being the prime target.

Christmas set to be a cracker

Plans for a more festive Alvechurch are gathering pace, with the parish Christmas working group being upgraded to a sub-committee of the council with its own budget.

Life through a lens

Fifty years after work began on building Pebble Mill, a talk in Alvechurch celebrates the life of the iconic BBC studios.

Warning signs

Signs alerting motorists to the likelihood of horse riders are being sought for Rowney Green by Alvechurch Parish Council after recent concerns expressed by villagers.

Help always wanted

Bill Ulyett, chairman of trustees at The Lounge youth project and cafe in Alvechurch, explains how villagers can help out.

Village school could expand

St Andrew’s First School in Barnt Green has been asked to consider expanding, the village’s parish councillors heard.

Positive thinking

Members of the Alvechurch Neighbourhood Plan steering group held a three-day public display of their draft plan at Alvechurch Baptist Church.

Apply for grants now

Community groups in Alvechurch are being encouraged to put forward any applications for grants to the parish council as it begins to prepare its budget for the next year.

GP centre idea

Alvechurch is missing the chance to encourage a Worcestershire medical practice to open a centre in the village, a resident told parish councillors.

Finalists in the frame

Barnt Green Tennis Club’s end-of-summer finals saw some keenly contested matches across all age groups.

Golf still to the fore!

Village golfers have been reassured that any changes to Bromsgrove Golf Centre are years away, as proposals to make its land available for future housing were revealed.

Hallowed turf

More than 20 players from Kings Norton Rhinos took part in a tag rugby festival at the Worcester Warriors ground.

Early birdies

Barnt Green youngsters Daniel Duffy and Jake Jeff-Johnston, both aged six, celebrated their team’s victory in a regional golf competition.

Showcasing local talent

Blackwell’s 38th Craft Fair on Sunday November 5 offers an opportunity to buy sensibly-priced gifts from local craftspeople and small businesses.

Bard returns to Alvechurch

Alvechurch Dramatic Society presents The Merry Wives of Alvechurch from Thurs Nov 23 to Sat Nov 25 in Alvechurch Village Hall.

Village author up for award

Barnt Green author Steve Dunn has been shortlisted for the prestigious 2017 Mountbatten Maritime Award for his latest book, Securing the Narrow Sea.

Having a ball for charity

Singleton’s Nurseries, in Bromsgrove, raised almost £8,000 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital with a Red Balloon charity ball.

Buy our bric-a-brac!

A village business is raising money for local charities by collecting and selling bric-a-brac.

Trio of Vinny winners

The Amir family, of Burcot, were the latest winners of a Mini Vinny in our monthly competition.

West End girl

Finstall teenager Sadie Fitzgerald made her West End debut after taking part in a prestigious summer school.

Charity bridge match

A charity “Café Bridge” event in Barnt Green raised more than £700 for the Midlands Air Ambulance.

Mentors sought

Children’s charity Mentor Link is recruiting Volunteer Mentors to support distressed children and young people.

On the crest of a wake

Sarah Rees reports from the Oakalls and Parklands.

Wassail walk

A Wassail Walk will take place in Barnt Green on Boxing Day this year, instead of the usual Post-Christmas Walk.

Gates policy under attack

Residents have called for a village park’s gates to be unlocked after a whole summer and early autumn of restricted access.

Celebrating the world of melody

The Orchestra of St John’s next concert takes place at 7.30pm on Sat Oct 14 at St John’s Church in Bromsgrove.

Residents’ parking plea

Villagers have requested residents’ parking spaces outside their homes on Bear Hill, Alvechurch.

A bridge too far for Blackwell

Blackwell residents have been told to “take firmly out of their minds” the idea of a railway bridge to replace the “yellow brick road” crossing.

Cake sale success

A cake sale held by an Alvechurch youngster has raised £300 for Macmillan.

Parish sinks flood warning proposal

The topic of flooding in Barnt Green was raised after recent heavy rainfall affected some village roads.

Speedwatch volunteers

Barnt Green Parish Council now has five volunteers for a proposed Community Speedwatch scheme, which would see villagers monitoring traffic.

Traffic request denied

Requests for traffic-calming measures on the southern approach to Alvechurch, including extending the 30mph limit down to Alvechurch Football Club, have been turned down.

Crime concern in Barnt Green

Shopkeepers in Barnt Green have been urged to report any suspicious behaviour to police, after several break-ins and thefts of charity boxes. 

Cycle rack for station

A cycle rack is still to be installed at Alvechurch rail station by London Midland, even though they will no longer have the franchise.

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Village Views



We often hear people talk about how nice it is to live in our villages and how lucky we all are to do so.

Lawton’s View


Lawton's View November 2017

Roads to nowhere

Just when it looked probable that I may be alone in thinking that with all the frantic building and road-making going on in this Sceptered Isle, we will all be permanently gridlocked, your editorial and David Barton and Sophie Garner’s letters in the October issue revealed that perhaps other people have been thinking about this as well.

Urgent need to calm speed

Regarding the subject of speeding traffic in Barnt Green, I note that parish clerk Gill Lungley states that Fiery Hill Road is not suitable for the use of a speed gun (The Village October 2017).

Car park safety concerns

I want to raise a very real concern about the car park provided by the builders of the new estate on Fiery Hill. 

‘Golden promises’ forgotten

The October Village View asked what our villages will look like in 20 years. As a long-term resident of Cofton Hackett, I can quite sadly say that what was a pleasant place to live is sadly not any more.

Thanks to those who supported Plan

A sincere thank you from Alvechurch Parish Council to all who contributed to the Neighbourhood Plan displays at the Baptist Church in October; an event which launched the final six-week consultation before the Plan is submitted. 

POW memories

It was so interesting to read about “Our German gentle men” (The Village, September 2017). I, too, lived near the POW camp in Groveley Lane, Cofton Hackett.

Largest total ever

The Macmillan “Biggest Ever Coffee Morning” held at Rectory Cottage, Alvechurch raised an amazing £879.

Lawton’s View


Lawton's View Oct 2017


What will our villages look like in 20 or 30 years? The answer most of us hope for is: much the same as they do now, thank you very much.

It won’t happen anyway!

While I have every sympathy with Paul Queen’s concerns with regard to the piazza proposals for the village centre at Alvechurch, he does demonstrate the real problem when rightly identifying the centre as a traffic island.

Piazza: plea for common sense

I fully support Paul Queen in his comments concerning our Square in the centre of Alvechurch.

Horses and riders support economy

For someone who claims to be “a horse rider”, Neil Harris (Village Views, August 2017) shows surprising ignorance about this.

Accident waiting to happen

As a regular dog walker in Cofton Hackett I have witnessed numerous near-misses Involving cars speeding along Groveley Lane and on three occasions nearly been hit myself crossing over to Cofton Park.

Oakalls’ open spaces still at risk

I have just read with interest the Oakalls article in your September edition, concerning the erecting of barriers on open spaces in Regents Park Road.


With the rest of the world apparently heading to hell in a handcart, these quiet days of summer in and around our villages have perhaps had an extra sense of the idyllic.

We need control on horse numbers

I have read with interest some of the correspondence about horses in this magazine. I am a horse rider and appreciate them as animals.

Living next door to a bomb site

I live on Fiery Hill Road, Barnt Green, opposite the railway station. I daresay most nearby residents are aware of the demolition of the property at number 47 next door to our house, with a shared drive. 

How is this ruling democratic?

At the rear of our estate there has been a long-running planning application debate: residents in Lickey Square wish to build five houses in their back gardens which will then tower over three or four houses on our estate.

Pavements left like a patchwork quilt

Regarding the letter (“Verging on the ridiculous”, August 2017) about the mess left behind by Virgin Media on Oakfield Drive, Cofton Hackett:


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Village Features

Village Archive: 10 years ago…

A look back at what was happening around here in November 2007.

Mild and stormy month

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

Mixed results for AFC

Alvechurch FC are not letting FA Cup defeat get them down.

November shadows

It’s late autumn now, and the bright colours have muted throughout the countryside. Everything looks brown and grey, especially if we get the foggy days common at this time of year.

Cleaning you can trust

Cina Yates, founder of the popular local cleaning business, My Home, has recently formed an enterprising new partnership with Alvechurch accountant and tax advisor, Andrew Crowe.

Control alcohol for Christmas

Alcohol specialist Julie Ward would like to support anyone who is interested in learning how to control their drinking before that time of the year arrives!

Care for eye conditions

If your eyes are itchy and watery, you may be suffering from blepharitis.

Sights on dark nights

Amateur astronomer Brian Watkiss peers into the Village night sky.

A time to review

Hannah Genders makes plans for the coming year.

A seamless service

If you’re travelling to an important business meeting, a trip abroad or a special event, a new village chauffeur company can provide a seamless, stress-free journey.

The importance of family protection

The boom in personal lending is concerning the Bank of England, writes Martin Pryor, of Pryor Portfolio.

Did Shakespeare visit Alvechurch?

Alvechurch Dramatic Society’s next production will, for the first time in its nearly 70-year history, have a distinct Shakespearean flavour. Writer and director Alan Clarke explains:

Sights on dark nights

Amateur astronomer Brian Watkiss peers into the Village night sky.

’Church’s goal-fest

Alvechurch FC are in great form in both league and cup.

A chilly start to autumn

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

House of healing

Hannah Genders visits a historic house and garden.

Red October

Mary Green points out the month’s colours.

Estate planning. . . with your pension

It may sound strange, but your pension may be the last thing you should draw on in retirement, writes Martin Pryor, of Pryor Portfolio.

An expert in eye care

Consultant clinical optometrist Don Williams, formerly of Eye Opticians in Barnt Green, has set up his own practice in Edgbaston, providing highly-specialised affordable private eyecare.

A simple will? No such thing!

Lickey Wills specialist Sue Jenden offers advice on making the right Will to protect your loved ones.

Village Archive: 10 years ago…

A look back at what was going on around here in October 2007.

A brilliant year for Bliss

Alvechurch salon Bliss Hair Therapy is celebrating its ninth birthday – and it’s already been a fabulous year.

Our German gentle men

Cofton Hackett resident Marian Gallagher shares memories of the German POWs who became part of the village.

Village Archive: 10 years ago…

A look back at what was happening around here in September 2007.

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