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88 homes ‘won’t fit’

Posted on October 22 2013 at 10:55:22

Detailed plans for 88 new homes on the fields behind the Barnt Green Inn have brought a similarly detailed rejection from the parish council.

Sticking to its word to ensure the Banner Homes development was the best it could be for Barnt Green, the parish has submitted a thorough analysis and list of demands it wants to see implemented before the plans are put before Bromsgrove councillors for approval.

There are a number of important areas where the number of homes will have to be reduced if Banner Homes is to comply.

Among these are the removal from the plans of an 8ft “acoustic fence” around the Barnt Green Inn, which would impair the setting of a recognised “heritage asset’”.

Similarly, a brick wall almost 8ft high separating the development from Fiery Hill Road is criticised as being “visually unacceptable” as well as doing nothing to reduce noise for the new residents from passing trains, as intended, because the railway embankment is three times higher than the wall.

The parish council points out that the homes are too close to the cricket pitch and also that they show development on existing badger runs that must be protected.

To rectify these failings alone, by moving the development far enough away from the inn, the railway and the badger setts, would result in fewer homes on the site.

The council also draws attention to the district council’s own guidance on housing density in the area and calls for the number of homes to be reduced, recommending “the developer be asked to submit a revised application that takes account of the issues”.

See for the parish council’s detailed response.

Further public reaction to the plans can be followed and added to at the Barnt Green Residents’ Association’s new Facebook and Twitter accounts: and

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