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A walk down Memory Lane

Posted on November 30 2015 at 1:46:37

Fundraising table

Memory Lane, the group for those living with memory loss due to age, depression, stroke or dementia, held a very successful fundraiser outside The Lounge.

The group, which was founded in March, meets in The Lounge on the third Wednesday every month from 2.30–4pm. The active programme helps members talk about “the past”.

Apart from the regular afternoon teas, playing dominoes and “adult colouring”, the group has enjoyed music from Alvechurch Community Choir, flower arranging and cello music with a sing-song.

The volunteers enjoy the sessions as much as the guests do, and everyone looks forward to learning from each other.

For more information, contact co-ordinators Annette Welch (07770 816322) and Kate Marsh (0121 445 3899).

Photo/ Kieran Durrant

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