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Action on danger bend

Posted on September 18 2008 at 11:16:14

Local groups in Alvechurch are planning to take pre-emptive action to improve road safety.

They are aiming to slow traffic in the south of the village until long-promised calming measures are introduced by the highways authority.

Despite repeated assurances by the county council that traffic calming work was in the pipeline, the only action so far has been the installation of a flashing 30mph sign – moved from the other side of the village.

Alvechurch Neighbourhood Group heard that even this was in the wrong place.

Coun Roger Hollingworth said: “It needs to be before the bend, but it couldn’t go further out because it has to be within the 30mph limit.

“We need to do something now because if we don’t, somebody is going to be killed there.

“It is becoming absolutely lethal and there is an accident a week.”

Concerns have been raised by a spate of cars crashing off the road over the summer – and particularly by two which have smashed through a hedge and on to an area where children play.

Most accidents happen to cars heading into the village from the Redditch direction, but one car is reported to have crashed while heading out.

The Neighbourhood Group heard that the problem was particularly bad in the winter when water leaching from the fields across the road froze and the bend became like an ice rink.

Sgt Tim Harper told members that on one icy morning there had been as many as ten accidents there.

Coun Hollingworth suggested that until physical traffic calming was introduced and the speed limited sorted out the Neighbourhood Group and Alvechurch Parish Council could invest in two flashing signs to alert drivers to the speed limits.

One would go south of the village – presumably warning drivers to stick to the 40mph limit before the bend – with another somewhere near Sandhills Nursery on the way out of the village to slow drivers who have accelerated up Swan Street after leaving the village calming measure.

The group agreed to pay £2,500 for one of the signs and to ask the parish council to pay for another.

It also agreed to ask the Safer Roads Partnership to set up speed traps in the area.

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