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Action plan for young people

Posted on April 21 2007 at 1:32:34

As the evenings get longer the lack of facilities for teengers in our villages becomes increasingly evident.

Some are left to hang around the streets while adults scratch their heads wondering what can be done.

In Alvechurch, groups of skaters have attended public meetings to make it plain that they want somewhere they can use – one group showed the Annual Parish Meeting designs they had created for a skate park.

But they are only one voice and others may want something entirely different.

The new Alvechurch Neighbourhood Meeting heard from Bromsgrove youth warden Chris Smith that they were planning to survey all of the young people using an intitiative called “Youthink”.

He said: “We will get an idea of what the young people want for the area . . . all those questions we don’t know the answers to because we are adults.”

This survey was to be completed by the end of April – and if the answer is a skate park and activity site, there will then begin the debate over where to put it.

A skate “half pipe” is still in storage after residents persuaded the district council to remove it after only a year in the Swan’s Length play area, Alvechurch.

One suggestion at the Neighbourhhood meeting was that The Meadows is the best place for any installation.

* Meanwhile, Barnt Green Parish Council is aiming to launch a Parish Youth Council.

A meeting has been called for all 11-19-year-olds in Barnt Green on Sunday May 19 from 10-11am at the clubhouse, Barnt Green Cricket Club.

The idea has come from the Parish Plan which identified a lack of facilities and transport for young people.

A spokesman said: “We decided it might be useful to set up a forum in which they could be more actively involved in trying to resolve some of the problems they are experiencing.”

* Lickey Scout Group is urgently seeking a Cub leader because the current leader leaves in July and Cubs will have to close if they don’t find someone for September.

Anyone interested can phone Margaret Owen, the chairwoman, on 0121 445 2554.

* Next Issue: We focus on Youth Blackwell, a group celebrating two successful years of promoting activities for young people of the village.

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