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Action plan to oust roving rats of Cofton Hackett

Posted on August 23 2007 at 11:10:37

Ratcatchers have been called in to Cofton Hackett after residents reported increased sightings of unwanted visitors around their homes.

The vermin are thought to have swarmed from the old buildings at the MG Rover plant as they were demolished. They made their way into Cofton Park – which is Birmingham’s problem – but others arrived in Cofton Hackett’s residential areas.

One Village reader told us he had even had a close encounter with a rat in his bathroom one morning.

Now local councillors have asked environmental health officers from Bromsgrove to act on the problem before it gets any worse.

Richard Deeming, who is chairman of Cofton Hackett Parish Council and a district councillor, told The Village: “It wasn’t too bad to start with, but the number of complaints has grown.”

He said he had met with Cofton’s county councillor, Peter McDonald, and they had agreed to call in environmental health officers.

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