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Are you the mystery artist?

Posted on October 25 2006 at 2:59:25


This lovely hand-painted Christmas card was found during recent renovation work on the former Grammar School building in Alvechurch.

The workmen who found it behind some plasterwork in the part of the building furthest up Bear Hill wondered if it might have been left there after an art lesson at the school many years ago.

But as it is signed “Valerie” and it is not thought that girls attended the school before its closure in 1903, that seems unlikely.

Perhaps it was a secret card to a boy boarding at the school from his “Topsy Wopsy” and quickly hidden.

The building has served many purposes since it was a school, including an antiques business and grocery store, and since 1924 the lower part has been used as a Post Office.

If any reader remembers painting this card, please do let us know.

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