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Barnt Green: We’ll be prepared

Posted on September 18 2012 at 10:32:24

Barnt Green has set out on the creation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan so the village can be ready if more housebuilders have designs on its fields.

After their experience with the Banner Homes site behind the Barnt Green Inn, villagers want to have their say in what gets built and where.

Parish councillor Alun Davies told a public meeting: “By the next time a Banner Homes lookalike comes along and wants to drop 100 houses on us, we want to be able to say ‘no’.

“In the Neighbourhood Plan, we want to say how many houses could go on which part of the parish and what kind of design they might be.”

Coun Davies said they had worked out that Barnt Green parish might expect to take roughly 60 houses over the period of the plan. “We will probably work on that sort of figure,” he added.

Coun Susan Whitehand explained that a properly created Neighbourhood Plan, approved by an inspector and by a local referendum of villagers, would have to be referred to by planners at Bromsgrove in making decisions.

It will also contain guidance on infrastructure and sustainability and the local economy.

A show of hands agreed to press ahead with the first stages of creating a plan and another meeting will be held on Saturday November 10 at the Friends Meeting House to review progress.

* The Alvechurch parish Neighbourhood Plan steering group is going to take its “roadshow” to the Goat & Trousers once-a-week pub in Rowney Green on Friday October 12 at around 7.30pm.

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