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Behaviour boost

Posted on August 19 2013 at 11:04:47

Sarah Rees reports from the Oakalls and Parklands . . .

The latest PACT meeting at Finstall Village Hall was an opportunity for residents to find out what had been happening since the previous meeting in March, and Chairman Stanley Baker and Community Support Officer John Tilt were on hand to provide a useful update.

Anti-social behaviour around Kentmere Road had been monitored regularly by the local policing team, with 48 patrols made from March to the end of June.

These took place at a variety of times of day, right through to late at night. No offences were reported and any youths who were approached were generally extremely courteous.

A number of custody vehicles are still travelling through the estate from HMP Hewell. When possible this has been reported to GeoAmy, the Custody Vehicle Provider.

However, John Tilt explained that these vans are not breaking the law by choosing to take the Oakalls route, rather than the preferred choice along the Bromsgrove Highway.

It appears there is not much more that can be done about this matter.

A Messy Problem
The ongoing problem of dog mess left in public areas has been agreed as a new priority.

Over the past 12 months Zoe Gannon, Waste Management Officer for Bromsgrove District Council, has visited the estate on many occasions to assess the problem.

Certain locations were identified as hot spots, including a small footpath at the entrance to Valencia Road and also the park area off Green Park Road. There have also been stories reported of dog mess being thrown into people’s gardens.

In July Zoe and two of the Council’s cleansing team visited the Oakalls and in one day collected a whole black sack of dog waste.

The Council has now implemented its “Mucky Pup – Pick it Up” campaign, which involves spraying the dog mess orange to make people aware of it.

They also put notices up – which have been ripped down! The Council’s enforcement team is now monitoring the situation. 

Extra bins around the park do seem to have resulted in an improvement in the area.

“Some dog owning residents need to take more pride in their local area as they are spoiling it for everyone else,” says Zoe.

“People should tell our enforcement team if they see dog owners, whom they know, ignoring the mess their pet has made.”

The Council is currently in the process of creating new, hard-hitting signage to convey the message that the offence carries a £50 fine. These signs are due to be posted on the estate soon.

With the local policing team and Councillor Caroline Spencer now adding strength to the campaign, it is hoped that dog mess on the Oakalls and Parklands will soon become a thing of the past.

Parklands Lido

Parklands gets its own lido

As the Oakalls and Parklands sweltered in the July heatwave, there might have been a few residents who dreamed of cooling off in an outdoor swimming pool… but no-one quite expected a pond to appear in their back yard!

The tremendous thunderstorms on July 23, which affected much of Bromsgrove, meant that the field by the children’s play area off Green Park Road was briefly transformed into the estate’s very own lido – but happily it didn’t spell the end of a glorious summer.

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