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Beoley skull ‘is Bard’s’

Posted on August 21 2013 at 9:45:59

Cover, Oct 2009

The skull entombed beneath a Village church is that of William Shakespeare, if the series of events revealed in a new book is true.

Historian Simon Andrew Stirling, who has been studying the Bard’s life for more than 25 years, believes Shakespeare was murdered after a night out drinking in Stratford upon Avon because of his support for Catholicism.

But his head was spirited away by members of the powerful Sheldon family, of Beoley, near Alvechurch, who were staunchly Roman Catholic during a tumultuous period of English history when any allegiance to Rome was considered an act of treason.

There it has lain for nearly 400 years, disturbed only every now and then by people who had heard rumours that Shakespeare’s skull was in the crypt beneath the Sheldon Chapel of Beoley Church – including a journalist from The Village magazine when the tomb was opened for the church’s five-year building inspection in 2009.

The photographs taken on that afternoon have helped Stirling to back up the theory in his book, Who Killed William Shakespeare?

Working from The Village offices, he discovered that marks and other features on the Beoley skull match injuries he believes were inflicted on Shakespeare and also those of death masks believed to have been taken of Shakespeare’s face at the time of his death in 1616.

As to who murdered the world’s favourite playwright and how – we couldn’t spoil the book, but you can read more here.

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