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Blackwell ‘should do more for youth’

Posted on September 21 2008 at 12:04:26

Blackwell should be doing more for its young people, Lickey & Blackwell Parish Council heard.

Coun Janet King, a founder of Blackwell Youth, was talking after fellow councillors queried the group’s request for a £100 grant towards a second-hand table tennis table.

One, Coun Jill Harvey, said: “It seems to me that your organisation runs on grants. It surprises me how little parents and young people put in.”

But Coun King said: “This area should be ashamed of how little it does for its young people. They are all expected to go in mum or dad’s cars to David Lloyds – but this is a village, not a dormitory.”

The council deferred a decision on the request until this month.

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