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Cautious welcome for homes plans

Posted on August 13 2012 at 12:54:44

Plans showing the layout and look for 88 new houses on green fields in Barnt Green have been given a qualified thumbs-up at the parish council.
Banner Homes has produced the drawings after a number of meetings with parish councillors and their advisors.

They show a large building - thought to be for a number of apartments - on the site closest to the Barnt Green Inn and matching some of the inn’s features.

Other details include bungalows and similar properties attempting to blend with the current properties down Fiery Hill Road, although Coun Susan Whitehand said the parish council wasn’t yet satisfied with that section of the plans.

“Obviously Banner Homes are keen to get us behind them,” she told The Village.

“On balance, we are pleased, although there are some things we would still like to discuss.

“What we have not seen yet is anything visual of the site, just elevations.”

Coun Whitehand said one of the major questions still to be decided was the proportion of affordable housing on the site.

Bromsgrove District Council had said the 40 per cent figure previously mentioned could be flexible, she said, but no decision had yet been revealed.

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