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Posted on October 20 2013 at 10:58:22

Youth @ The Lounge

The Lounge youth project in Alve­church is going from strength to strength as it prepares for its third birthday in the New Year.

The idea of running a cafe during the day to support youth activities in the evenings has proved successful and the cafe is now taking more in a day than it did in a week in the early days.

Project Co-ordinator Sally Meredith told The Village: “It is doing what we want it to do and now we are putting more into the community as well as the youth.

“We are also hoping to go into Hopwood and Rowney Green and provide youth services there.”

There is, however, one cloud on the horizon for the project with the rumoured opening of another cafe in vacant premises in the centre of Alvechurch.

But Sally hopes villagers will recognise the work The Lounge is doing on their behalf, adding: “Whenever you buy a cup of coffee here, all the profit goes back into the community.”

The level of community support was evident at a recent Saturday morning charity event outside The Lounge in the precinct.

Youth Project Co-ordinator Rachel Lloyd said: “The youngsters ran a tombola outside, which raised £220 in two hours, which shows that people are supporting The Lounge when they have the chance.”

She added: “It is really good that the young people are getting involved with fundraising, too. We had about 20 of the older ones who came to help at a social club quiz night; they really got on board.

“More than 150 kids are members of The Lounge, some of whom are still too young to attend, but they are really excited about it,” said Rachel.

“The youth management committee is getting stronger and stronger with about ten involved and I really think we are making an impact with the young people.”

It would be difficult to imagine life as a young person in Alvechurch now without The Lounge, Rachel added.

“It would be like it used to be with nowhere for the young people to go and they’d be hanging out in the bus shelter.”

* Future fundraising events at The Lounge include skiffle band Six-Five Special on November 18 from 2-4pm, including high tea for £4.

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