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Christmas lights battle

Posted on February 09 2010 at 6:00:14

A village Christ­mas lights battle is set to ignite, with plans being laid ten months in advance.

By general consensus, Barnt Green’s recent display left those in neighbouring Alvechurch looking a little dim.

Alvechurch Parish received complaints that they were late to switch them on, and when they did the display was less than spectacular.

“We were put to shame by Barnt Green,” Coun Syd Caddick told Alvechurch Parish Council’s February meeting. “It was pretty pathetic – the lights are absolutely kippered.”

Councillors agreed unanimously to spend £700 on14 sets of refurbished lights in a two-for-one offer being made by manufacturers early in the year.
After hearing Barnt Green’s lights were switched on in mid-November, they also agreed to consider switching the lights on earlier in Alvechurch this year.

Meanwhile, Barnt Green is planning to improve its display further. In its parish newsletter, Barnt Green Parish Council chairman Judith Jagger told villagers: “We had a marvellous display of Christmas lights which gave the village a true festive feel. We plan to repeat and extend the display next Christmas.”

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