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Co-op parking bay ideas

Posted on May 27 2014 at 10:27:17

Two regular parking bays may be turned into a disabled bay in the Alvechurch shopping precinct.

The parish council has been asked by a villager if it is possible to have another bay there as it is difficult for her to reach the Co-op from the one outside the off-licence.

Councillors agreed to pursue the request with Worcestershire County Council.

Meanwhile, the parish council will ask the Co-op if it can find a way to take deliveries without obstructing the bus stop.

Parish chairman Andy Humphries told the monthly council meeting: “I have had a couple of phone calls from people wanting to know what we can do about the Co-op lorry which blocks the bus stop every day.

“I have taken a photo of it happening and elderly people not being able to use the bus stop. I feel we need to be making a point formally by writing to the Co-op.”

Coun Tom Thurrell said: “I notice that the Tesco lorry in Barnt Green comes very early in the morning.”

Coun Adrian Smith added: “I think the Co-op should consider some earlier times, perhaps before 8.30?

“This is touched on in the Neighbourhood Plan; if the precinct area is rejigged, perhaps there could be a delivery bay?”

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