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Cofton beats its boundaries

Posted on October 26 2006 at 2:21:04

Villagers took part in a very successful Beat the Bounds and Pig Roast sponsored by Cofton Hackett Parish Council, writes Coun Brian Bridgewater.

Beating the Bounds is a medieval tradition carried out by residents within the parish boundary. At the same time the parish priest would bless the crops and water to ensure an abundance of food and safe drinking water.

The modern turnout of 60-plus adults and children, from toddlers in pushchairs to teenagers, was very encouraging to those who gave their time to organise the event and volunteer their services.

The walk was done in a figure of eight with the centre point being the village hall. Groups of 10 to 12 people were led around one of the loops, the choice of loops being determined by difficulty.

The Blue route was over the Lickey Hills and although steep in places it was the best suited for pushchairs as there were no stiles or gates to go through.

The Red route had 13 stiles and three kissing gates to negotiate; also some of the fields had recently been ploughed, making it hard to walk.

The walks started at 10am in both directions and after an interesting two and a half hours everyone was happy to enjoy pork baps and drinks back at the village hall.

The pig roast was served by Meadowfields greengrocers, of Barnt Green, who really know how to cook a pig.

There was time for friends and neighbours to talk and socialise before setting off on the second half of the walk.

During the walks people were shown points of interest including statues on the Lickeys and St Michael’s Church was open for the occasion.

Many thanks must go to all who helped to make it a memorable experience.

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